Wednesday, July 30, 2008


my barber recently asked me what i liked about my job and quite surprisingly, i had more than just a few things to list:

flexible schedule
-i arrive to work at ~9am and leave at ~5pm (i try not to abuse it though).
-i do not need to get approval from anyone to go on vacation.
-i can work from home if i have matters to take care of.
the unknown
-is today an up or down market? i am someone who gets bored easily so i enjoy the everyday surprises of the unknown market trend.
-i am surrounded by a team of talented people.
-i am actually quite good at what i do and my colleagues recognize that.

i know that we all complain about work every now and then (i am guilty of it myself) but it does keep us sane. really.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i'm going to london!

aug 15

aug 25

this means that i'm going to miss the two bdays. how shall we celebrate? ying is going to be traveling the same week too.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"we" instead of "i"

i recently started thinking about the concept of "we" instead of "i".

i live with him
i have joint accounts with him
i prepare dinner with him
i wake up with him
i go to bed with him

even with all of these factors, i still don't see myself as a participant in this "we" concept. i like to think that i am my own identity who share some mutual activities with another "i". i don't think that i like it very much when i am referred to as a "we". i am going to stick with just being an "i".