Thursday, August 27, 2009

summer updates

so much has changed since my last blog. first of all, i am no longer training for a full marathon. my cousin quangii decided that it was too expensive for her to fly all the way from london to new york just to run a marathon. what i have accomplished in this dept is that i 1) ran 10k in london with my family (july 5) and 2) ran 12k on angel island with my brother chester (august 22).

another significant change is that i no longer live in south san francisco. i have moved back to san leandro with my sister and brother as of mid-may. i really disliked east bay. i could never get a seat on the BART! general this part of the Bay is ghetto! after a few months now, i am starting to settle in. i have been hiking every week at mission peaks in fremont with my siblings. i am training for the bryce/zion hike during labor day weekend.

thomas and i took our first trip as a couple to italy and london where he met my uncles, aunts, and cousins. they all like him so i'm happy. rome and venice were so amazing, i want to finish our italy adventure this autumn - florence, cinque terre, and maybe sicily!

i want to register for a half marathon in november but do not know if i'm ready. there's the ushalf on nov 1 in SF or the monterey half on nov 15. i'll have to post a follow-up blog with the answer.