Tuesday, October 14, 2008


two days in a row that i went to the gym and ran 3 miles each time. i wonder how long this time will last. i have a problem with committing to a regular workout routine. i have gone 5 days in a row but the following week zilch. this time i'm going to try really hard to make this a regular habit. no dinner until i do my homework (that's what they call it on 'the biggest losers').

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i "heart" my new bike

today i took my new bike (bday present from him) for the first real spin around san francisco. we decided to begin our journey at crissy field and boy was parking horrendous! little did we know that the locals gather at this scenic spot to catch the fleet performance (the blue angels were awesome!). from here we rode underneath the golden gate bridge then spun up to the top and enjoyed the gorgeous view. we tried to trek our way to sausalito but the piles of cars that parked in the bike lane and the countless oncoming cars that tried to land a perfect spot across the bridge to watch the show made it an impossible destination. we turned around and zoomed through the bridge back to crissy field. woohoo, i didn't fall once! my butt is sore now but it was totally worth it! i "heart" my new bike.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


saturday: i have such great friends. everyone and their significant others came out tonight to celebrate Amara and my birthday. people that know me know that i don't celebrate my birthday (i hate imposing on people and i hate more when people pay for me) so this was extra sweet. seeing how happy everyone was makes me happy. and it was so nice to see all of the boyfriends hanging out together. thank you everyone for driving the miles and spending a wonderful night with all of us. congrats again to Amara and Scott, the ring is absolute stunning! thanks Ying for getting those delicious cupcakes! mmm...wish i could have another one.

friday: he put together a hot pot party for me as a pre-birthday celebration with my siblings. everyone loved the food, especially that msg filled soup from the packaged seasoning. they sang me happy birthday as i sat in front of my ice cream cheesecake. i made my wish but had the hardest time blowing out the candles. he tricked me! he bought magic re-lighting candles! haha, that was funny. we spent the rest of the night playing poker. i didn't win but i was extremely pleased with the night. :)