Saturday, February 6, 2010

what 2010 brings

i mentioned that i was injured in my last blog. as of a week ago, i had healed (so i thought). i immediately went jogging on the treadmill for 3 miles and felt pretty good. needless to say, the hip and knee pains crept back the very next day. i've learned that when some things are broken, it can't be mended. no more running in 2010.

2010 also brings weddings to the table:
-feb 20: peter's in foster city, guest
-april 10: chris and shar's in san francisco, bridesmaid
-june 6: gladys' in seattle, guest
-sept 5: vong's in sacramento, guest

i don't consider myself as someone who has a lot of friends but through life you do come by a number of people. i feel honored everytime i am invited to a wedding. if i consider you a friend, i will attend. there was only one occasion where i was invited and didn't attend. thinking back, that was the right decision.

every year i try to visit my family in london. however, this year they're coming to me! the dates are still unconfirmed but i'm really excited. it'll be their first time to california/las vegas, most first time to america! i plan to take two weeks off to show them around. should be good times.

i only have 3 weeks of vacation but managed to roll over some from previous years. i intend to visit paris (again) in march when thomas is there for work. it's always a new experience when you travel to a familiar destination but with different company. the last couple of times when i was in paris i was with family. my family in general don't like to visit museums or scope out ancient artifacts. thomas and i, on the other hand, do appreciate them. it'll be a quick 4 day vacation but we plan to visit: le lourve, eiffel tower (duh), notre dame, sacred coeur, saint sulprice (to see the meridian line that i learned in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code) and versailles (to see the great chateau de versailles). can't wait!

next week is chinese new year, year of the tiger. i will be in sacramento with family. thomas will be in So. Cali with his family. valentine's day happened to fall on the same weekend but since we will not be together, we celebrated today. we started the day at cha cha cha. forgot how good their cuban food was. the paella wasn't as good as fresca's but their cajun shrimp and mussels made up for it. we walked off our meal along the infamous haight/asbury streets. can you say 420? there was a store with the advertisement "puff puff pass", how funny. we made our last stop in the city at katsura garden, japantown. i love that place, the japanese owner is so sweet. we picked up a small potted orchid for our ledge. there are two stems so they naturally look like antennas atop our tv! haha...

tomorrow thomas is cooking his delicious chicken noodle soup topped with my bro's homemade wonton. yummy!!!