Sunday, October 12, 2008

i "heart" my new bike

today i took my new bike (bday present from him) for the first real spin around san francisco. we decided to begin our journey at crissy field and boy was parking horrendous! little did we know that the locals gather at this scenic spot to catch the fleet performance (the blue angels were awesome!). from here we rode underneath the golden gate bridge then spun up to the top and enjoyed the gorgeous view. we tried to trek our way to sausalito but the piles of cars that parked in the bike lane and the countless oncoming cars that tried to land a perfect spot across the bridge to watch the show made it an impossible destination. we turned around and zoomed through the bridge back to crissy field. woohoo, i didn't fall once! my butt is sore now but it was totally worth it! i "heart" my new bike.

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