Saturday, February 26, 2011

where does the time go?

2011 has been rough on the "work" front.  i'm so lucky to have such a supportive bf through my 12-hour work days.  he's been cooking dinner almost nightly and even does "personal" shopping for me.  yes, im talking about bath soaps and other toiletry items.

february definitely flew by.  we spent chinese new year with my family and visited his family during his bro's red egg and ginger event.  then what was supposed to be a 3 day weekend turned out to be work at the office.  right now i finally got a free weekend to myself while the bf is at tahoe with the boys.

a friend who i havent seen since sept called me to catch up.  everyone is either getting married, having a baby or buying a house (or all of them!).  she recently bought a house with her bf and i'm sure she'll be engaged in no time.  i am so happy for those celebrating life's wonders.  bf's sis is getting married in oct and im seriously excited for her.  i also have two cousins getting married this year, one in august and another in oct.  we will likely attend the latter due to flight prices.  i am looking forward to it because that means we are visiting another european country, this time greece!

until then, cancun/cozumel in may!

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