Wednesday, January 13, 2010

happy new year 2010!

happy new year everyone! updates since my last blog:

-finished the macau half marathon in a disappointing 2:45. needless to say, i didn't make it on the records and did not get a finisher's medal. my biggest complaint about the entire event was that i was not permitted to cross the finish line. i still feel like i didn't finish the race. after the race i was in total pain. my hips, knees, ankles, you name it felt like they were gonna give up. after more than a month now i still feel the pain in my hips. i've officially retired from running. i say that now but i might register for the nike women's half marathon to take place on oct 17, 2010 in SF. my cousin from london said she'll run it with me if we are selected through random lottery. i'll let fate decide if i shall run again.

-hong kong was fun. not my favorite vacation destination but it was my first time to Asia and i was with my siblings. i felt like king there because i was considered "above average" in the financial ladder. i thought everything was a steal! $10 for a sweater dress! also discovered G2000 where i can get a full work attire for under $50 USD! dim sum was out of this world. peking duck was a disappointment though, you can get the same quality in berkeley, ca. hong kong people are still rude but we met a few nice ones.

(congrats to ying and tim on their recent engagement! i couldn't attend their engagement party because I was still in Asia)

-christmas was nice at home with my family in elk grove. i also got to see my family in london via cam so that was very nice. i can't wait until our next cam session on chinese new year. another highlight was seeing my friends at van and samson's new place. it's always comforting to see my friends make the first plunge into moving in with the significant other. i wish them all the best.

-thomas' family visited us in turns so we spent a good few days with his parents and sisters in mid dec and his bro + wife on new years. we went to a friend's house party and crashed in her living room. met a really sweet gay couple. i love when total strangers can have a good time together.

-i recently hosted a post holiday dinner at my place and it went better than expected. i was so touched that friends from all over came by. we finally watched amara and scott's wedding videos and pics. man the videos were mad C-H-E-E-S-Y but they gave us some good laughs. what i really liked about that night was that all of the bf's were bonding. awwwww...ended the night watching food, inc. never looking at beef the same way!!!

-for 2010 i vow to eat healthier and exercise more. today is jan 13 and i've only exercised 3 times this year. thomas bought me jillian michaels' workout dvds. the kickboxing set was very much like tae-bo. it wasn't really challenging for me. i've only watched the "front" strength training dvd and yet to participate. i have the "back" too and i'm going to watch that now.

wishing everyone a fruitful 2010!

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