Saturday, January 31, 2009

high school reunion

this year would be my 10 year high school reunion. whether there is going to be one or not is another story. my thoughts on this age old celebration...i think it is a reason for people to come together and brag about themselves or gossip about others. do these people that i haven't kept in touch with for over 10 years have an effect on my daily life? no. the ones that do play a factor in my life are still actively involved. i would be happy enough to hear through the grapevine that my fellow ex-classmates are doing well. plus who needs a reunion when there's facebook? as you may already have guessed, i do not plan on attending my 10 yr high school reunion if there were to be one. i really do hope everyone is healthy and happy.

this week's weight: 113.5 lbs
weight loss: 0, still haven't learned to eat less

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TIFFANY said...

Well said! I feel pretty much the same way about it.