Wednesday, January 14, 2009

size 24

i bought these jeans about 2 years ago that i've never worn, actually it's hanging in my closet with the tag attached! i have no idea why i bought a size 24 when i'm clearly a size 25! i have been back to the regular workout routine. come home from work at roughly 7pm, workout for 45 mins, shower, then dinner. i've gone to the gym monday, tuesday, and today! i weigh 113.5 lbs currently and my goal is 100. i think it's attainable if i keep this up. my real motivation is my upcoming trip to cancun in may. i've never worn a bikini in my lifetime because i was always insecure with my body. i gotta start living life and quit wasting my youth! i will keep a weekly post of my progress and mark my weight here. i will fit into those size 24 AND look good in them!

update on may 11th: i gave away this pair of jeans to karen on may 3rd. i'm happy that it fits her perfectly. the cut just wasn't for my body type.

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TIFFANY said...

100 lbs? but you're so tall! besides, i think you look great the way you are right now! and i'm not just saying that to be nice. that's great that you're working out and training for a marathon though. i can't imagine ever doing a marathon - being part of a marathon relay team was enough for me! :)